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Fast, Powerful Analysis

1,000+ customers running 20,000,000+ queries every day

Sisense for Cloud Data Teams supports SQL, Python, and R in one editor, enabling teams to perform machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics.

Advanced tools to uncover deeper value in data

  • Connect directly to your cloud data warehouse
  • Analyze with SQL, Python, and R on the same environment
  • Visualize insights to match any custom style
  • Share real-time charts and dashboards across your business

"I’m just so much more efficient

with the R integration – I don’t

have to switch between platforms

and syntaxes. This is just a very

natural extension of the work I’ve

been doing, it’s built perfectly for

my workflow."

AJ Francia

Data Scientist

"Having a unified data platform, we're able to add complexity to our analysis. And that makes people on different teams here more excited and interested in the analysis we do."

Alexandra Mack

Head of Marketing


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